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Blackjack dealer at Point Place Casino, Dimitri Gomez

Movin’ on up (and around)

One of the most exciting benefits of working at Point Place Casino (and for Oneida Nation Enterprises) is the opportunity to work in a variety of different positions.


Within the company, we refer to this as mobility, because it makes it easy to move around.


None of our people embodies this idea better than Dimitri Gomez, who is a dealer over at YBR Casino & Sports Book. When he joined the team at YBR, Dimitri was a cashier at Wicked Good Pizza. The 27-year-old transitioned into a role as a blackjack dealer and just recently completed dealer school there to run roulette games as well.


“I had never stepped foot into a casino before working at YBR, and now I’m dealing blackjack and roulette,” Dimitri said. “The entire journey has been unbelievable for me. What other job will allow you to come in and pay you to play games every day?”


The sky’s the limit for Dimitri—he could go on to learn more games, become a pit boss or floor manager, maybe even some day advance beyond that.


For now, however, he knows: ONE has his back.


Here at PPC, General Manager Jerry Marello said this is a key part of our commitment to

mobility—this notion of communicating to employees that we want them to feel comfortable moving into other roles as they progress in their respective careers. (For more on Jerry’s personal story, see above.)


“We’re always challenging people to do new things,” Jerry said. “As people get comfortable doing their job, they start to think about things they can do better. I like to make sure the team is very much involved. I also think the biggest benefit is that we’re in the people business. We’re always meeting people and opening up new relationships. That gives way to curiosity about different jobs.”


The best way to be considered for mobility once you start working at PPC? Tell your supervisor.

The process requires time, research, and a solid plan. It also requires regular check-ins; sometimes new roles in new departments simply don’t work.


At the end of the day, our commitment to mobility is about keeping our employees happy and engaged. It’s a way of life here at PPC. Come see for yourself.


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