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Kicking off Taste of Turning Stone

Food lovers look forward to our annual Taste of Turning Stone event to sample dishes from restaurants at Turning Stone Resort Casino right here in Bridgeport.

The 2022 event kicks off this month in style.

Starting April 6, guests at Burgers of Madison County can choose items off a limited menu from Pino Bianco, the Italian restaurant inside Turning Stone. This year’s spotlight items include classic Caesar salad, Italian wedding soup, lasagna, chicken parmesan, and spaghetti with one large meatball—all fan favorites in Verona.

Food and Beverage Manager Dallas Schult is organizing this year’s promotion, and said it’s a great opportunity to give guests the opportunity to experience their favorite dishes from Turning Stone here in their “home” casino.

“Guests who’ve been to Turning Stone dine at the restaurants there and come to appreciate certain cuisine and certain dishes,” he said. “It’s nice to give them the chance to experience the same things.”

Dallas noted that the chicken parmesan was the most popular item during the Taste of Turning Stone event last year, and he expects the meal to attract a similarly fervent following among guests again in 2022.

He said the spaghetti dish is a departure from what Pino Bianco has offered in years past. Previously the spaghetti dish came with three smaller meatballs; this year’s dish has one the size of a bocce ball.

“The one meatball is the same amount of meat as three,” he said. “Guests will find it tasty and definitely filling.”

Not only does the Taste of Turning Stone give guests a chance to experience different food, but it also enables chefs to try their hand at different dishes, too. Dallas says this is something cooks always appreciate.

“When you spend the whole day cooking off the same menu, it can become repetitive,” he said. “Chefs really like the opportunity to try something new, too.”


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