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Coin Combo slot machine winner

Small Bets, Big Wins

Slot players are always looking for what they call “value bets,” wagers that could potentially provide major return on a modest investment.

This past month, three slot players at Point Place Casino found just that, and a whole lot more.

The winners, all native to Upstate New York, each made wagers of less than $2 apiece and converted the bets into five-figure wins that undoubtedly will change their lives. In one case, an 88-cent bet netted $35,034.

Ellen was the name of the guest who took down that jackpot—she did it on a Rising Fortunes machine where fortunes were, in fact, rising. The two other winners were Robert, who bet 75 cents on Diamond Trails and won $10,700; and Sallyann, who bet $1.76 on one of the new Coin Combo machines for a cool win of $22,955.

Put differently, three guests bet a total of $3.39 to win a total of $68,689.

These wins underscore something PPC regulars have been saying for years: You don’t have to bet big to win big. They also prove that Point Place Casino—as well as YBR Casino & Sports Book and Turning Stone Resort Casino, for that matter—are great places to find value bets, as well as the most popular slot machines on gaming floors today.

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