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Fan Caves Ready for Football

Many men dream of having their own private kingdoms to luxuriate on comfortable couches and watch sports all day.

Some guys have dubbed these fantasy lands their “man caves.” At YBR, we call them Fan Caves, and we’ve got seven of them ready for NFL-watching action in The Lounge with Caesars Sports—the largest sports book in New York State.

Think of our fan caves like private mini sports bars for you and six or seven of your closest friends. Each “cave” is set up like a living room with a couch, two recliners, tables, and a television panel that can be split into four separate quadrants to watch four different games.

Each cave also comes with a PS4, in case you and your friends want to play video games during commercials. Caves also come with tablet computers to control the technology at your fingertips.

The caves are set apart from each other (and the rest of the book) by walls or partitions.

During the football season, food and drink service also will be available in the fan caves, meaning guests can order all their favorite snacks and beverages without missing a moment of the action.

Of course, fan cave guests also have quick-and-easy access to our betting windows and betting kiosks, making it super-simple for them to place wagers on all the action on a given day. (Teasers are a popular bet to make during football, and we’ve profiled that wager in this newsletter as well.)

While most people use the fan caves to watch and bet on sports, guests can use them for other activities, as well.

For example, the caves are great for fantasy football drafts. Or birthday parties. Really almost anything.

Guests can make half- or full-day reservations for fan caves by calling our sports book hosts. To inquire about availability, please email us at

Think of our fan caves like private mini sports bars for you and six or seven of your closest friends.



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